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Starting your year with direction

A note from our editors on the launch of Directions.

It’s March already and you’ve had two months to get yourself that year planner for your bedroom wall. It keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the to-do list.

Or, you got your shit together and bought one, but you can sense that by May it will be relegated from utility to décor.

At the beginning of the Uni year, the average student finds themselves standing pensively at crossroads, next to a metaphorical signpost pointing towards multiple roads, brimming with possibility. Diaries, notebooks and textbooks are freshly bought, folders on laptops are new and empty.

Welcome to Et Cetera’s first edition for 2019: ‘Directions’.

Before we begin, we would like to introduce some new members of the Et Cetera executive team, including editors Ben Janover, Nick Blood, Soo Choi and Nell Cohen, and Graphics editor Rebecca Fowler.

Whether you’re a keen and un-discovered student writer kicking off your first year at some fine tertiary institution, or a jaded 5th year student with a toilet-roll list of well-articulated opinions, now’s the time and here’s the place to have your voice heard. If you would like to write or create graphics for Et Cetera, email [email protected] with some information about who you are, what you study and where, and a sample of your best work.

Et Cetera pumps out themed editions throughout semester of curated articles by students from across Australia. The scope of our content is national and everything student related.

The beginning of the Uni year is the perfect and obvious time to start pondering where we’re headed; what’s the point of our degrees, should we be doing a masters, do we see ourselves as tomorrow’s leaders in our chosen fields of interest, and if so, how do we want these domains of civil activity to look? Our final edition of 2018 was about the ‘Future’, so it seems apt for this edition to take a critical look at how we’re getting there.

Yet all this talk of how, where and what is no doubt panic-inducing to the average student. It’s hard enough making plans for the weekend – life plans are well beyond the realm of what’s knowable.

This editions aims to pin together a heterogeneous coalition of student voices, putting pen to paper thoughts, concerns, questions and predictions of what lies at the ends of the signposted roads.

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