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As we launch, a note from our editors on the founding of Et Cetera, and the role we aim to play.

Student media has long been around to tell the story of university life.  Just as the notion of a campus is no longer bound by location, neither is the student experience.

Et Cetera is a new online student publication with a national scope, aimed at cultivating discussion and ideas that speak to the experience of being a student in Australia. When a student in Perth can relate to the issues facing a student in Canberra, a sense of community is brought to life.

We are more than a just a generation of spoilt, smashed avocado-eating, social media-addicted young adults – despite what a Google search might suggest.

Et Cetera will cycle through four editions a year, each looking at a unique theme relevant to an aspect of student identity. In our launch edition ‘Diversity’, articles look at the challenges of Indigenous student leadership, the freedom and history of student media, issues faced by international students, and those that challenge identity in a multicultural Australia. The diversity of contributors to our publication is driven by our motto ‘About students. For students. By students’.

You’ll also see us include examples of important student journalism from existing publications alongside our original content. With publication in the hands of students, we also fill the void for campuses where media is underfunded and under scrutiny.

On top of this, Et Cetera is a platform for contribution. Beyond serving a wealth of keen, talented student writers, Et Cetera is a space for those groups outside of the student media bubble to be heard. As the activities of these groups move further away from campuses, they no longer catch the eye of existing student publications.

This past December, Et Cetera ran a conference bringing together this community of student journalists and leaders from activist and cultural groups from across the country. Discussions on the challenges each group faces, and possible solutions, have shaped how Et Cetera will serve the student voice. Ours is a community to pitch ideas in new media, collaborate, and be heard by a greater audience.

With that, we encourage you to explore. Read, discuss, contribute your responses and share your ideas. Too often, complex student stories are overlooked, in favour of the brief and shallow. In a world where everything is contracted, Et Cetera will show it all.

Support Et Cetera

Et Cetera is maintained by unpaid student editors and volunteers. Despite their hard work, there are ongoing costs for critical website maintenance and communications. Et Cetera is not linked to any specific university, and as such, is unable to access funding in the way most campus publications are able to.

Given our primary audience is university students, we appreciate not all of our readers are in a position to contribute financially.

This is why Et Cetera's survival relies on readers like you, who have have enjoyed, or been challenged, by our work. We appreciate every dollar that is donated.

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