Evolution and Revolution

A note from our editors on the first edition of 2020

I’m movin on up, you’re movin on out/ Time to break free, nothing can stop me’. (A quote from 20th century philosophers, M People)

The university experience rests on growth and self-improvement, as well as resisting, pushing back on and interrogating the world we live in. What does the future look like to you? What changes can be made to shape that future? How do we evolve from what once was, and revolt against what is no longer acceptable, necessary, or beneficial?

With a new year comes a new edition of Et Cetera. But in 2020, what we understood to be the new normal in our society has been thrown out the window thanks to a global pandemic and nation-wide hysteria around bum-wiping and pasta hoarding.

Our student years are already imbued with their own chaos and uncertainty – but how do young people understand and manage the significant and wide-spread changes currently sweeping over us all? Where universities have been forced to make the switch from grand learning institutions to online video-conferencing, Jordan Michael considers what will become of the university experience in the wake of Covid-19. In this seemingly grand pause of life and all its goings on, what can students do to ensure the end of isolation does not result in a ‘business as usual’ approach to inequitable and oppressive powers and practices? Sol KC and Brighton Grace consider the role of student activism and in bringing about bigger social changes.

When we – the editorial team for 2020 – took on this role, we couldn’t possibly have predicted the current state of the world. Bound to the confines of our own four walls, we’d have thought creativity might taper off. Rather, creativity has flourished. The results – being the submissions to this edition – are thought-provoking, surprising and compelling. You might laugh, you might cry, and you’ll certainly consider the concept of change: that change can grip you, shake you and disarm you. But it’s what you do with the change that proves most exciting.

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