Recalibrate: A Note from the Editors

A message from the Editorial team on this final edition for 2020

Well we’ve done it. We’ve limped to the end of what has undoubtedly been the longest year in modern history. Somehow a year that began with baboons running wild through Sydney managed to get weirder. 

2020 has forced us to take a step back from the world and life we knew and bundle up under a blanket on the couch. While we’ve appreciated what we have, we have also recognised what might be missing from our lives, and begun the process of change to include in our lives the things we really, really, want. 

More than ever before, this year has forced us to recalibrate. To change our thinking, our actions, our living situations, study habits, and careers. It has reminded us that everything can change in a split second, and while we can try to prepare ourselves, at the end of the day don’t have any control. 

Events that occurred and decisions that were made during 2020 will change the landscape of the Australian university realm forever. What will we, Australia’s current crop of students, face upon a return to a ‘new normal’ university life in 2021? What do future students face when they arrive at the doors of university? How will these changes influence the nation in the immediate and more distant years to come?

2020’s final edition of Et Cetera features student voices doing what we do best – calling out and challenging what is being imposed upon us, and attempting to identify where we, as the nations young people, have control and influence. 

On behalf of the outgoing Editorial Team, it has been a delight to facilitate student voices through Et Cetera in 2020. We depart to enter the world of employment, post-graduate studies, and maybe just screaming in a field.

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