REWIND: A note from the editors

Ahh, as Game of Thrones quite accurately predicted, Winter has in fact come. As the temperature dwindles and the fireplace crackles and the ugg boots are pulled on, there’s no better time to whip up a cuppa, and wax nostalgic.

In this edition, we press rewind – not quite as explicitly as Adam Sandler in Click, but, we do remember the coulda beens, shoulda beens and woulda beens. A global pandemic has forced us all to slow down, buy new tracksuit pants, and take stock of where we find ourselves in this point of time. What we wish we could change. What we’d do if we could turn back the clock. Who we’d meet and who…we wouldn’t.

In this edition of Et Cetera, Paris Newman considers where the Australian History curriculum is key to Indigenous reconciliation and recognition, while Brighton Grace reflects on the benefits of watching television with a critical eye. The culture of perfectionism at universities is explored by Angela Ngyuen, while Joseph Haynes pens a love letter to one of Australia’s greatest cultural exports, Clive James.

These pieces are diverse and intelligent and topical; emotional, sentimental and funny, too. Strap yourselves in, and let’s go back in time.

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