The story of the Union of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students.

In July 2017, our founder and inaugural President, Ethan Taylor, convened the first National Indigenous Students’ Conference (NISC) in Canberra, ACT. The outcome of this Conference was the establishment of UATSIS. Ethan saw a lack of activity in student representation at the national level for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander undergraduate students and knew that our students deserved better. Ethan left the Conference with the authority of the Indigenous students present to build UATSIS up as the peak representative body for all undergraduate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Today, UATSIS sits as a well-respected and well-recognised national student organisation. UATSIS advocates for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander undergraduate students to Universities, government, education bodies and other student organisations, to ensure positive outcomes are being produced for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

UATSIS is run by students, for students, comprising a team of representatives:

  • National President, Braedyn Edwards,
  • National Vice President, Annika Davids,
  • National Secretary, Anthony Ryan,
  • National Treasurer, Kulkarawa Kukoyi
  • National Wom*ns Officer, Amanda Fotheringham,
  • National Correspondent, Pamela Spek,
  • National Events Coordinator, Bryce Wilson.

For more information on UATSIS, visit http://www.uatsis.org


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