An Art Experiment

A Wiradjuri and Maori woman exploring culture and identity in her artwork.

The first two pieces are called ‘sunset animals’, and I made them to marvel at the aesthetics of a layered painting.

The next piece is called Called ‘back O’Bourke’, it’s made through the printmaking process of wood carving, it represents bourke life from her backyard. Those are my two dogs, up in the corner that’s my house with the Bourke sun next to it. The thermometer represents the hot temperature, and next to that is a milkcrate, an Australian icon that is synonymous with living out west. 

In the last piece I experimented incorporating gold leafs into my paintings. The inspiration for this piece came when I moved rooms in the hostel I live at. My new room has two windows that look out to the port, and, sometimes, when it’s completely empty, I can see the waterline.



Ngaire is a Wiradjuri and Maori woman studying Education at the University of Newcastle. 

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