Blak Women on Blak Women

The girls talk intersectional feminism and how you can be a better ally to your blak sisters.


In a special edition of their weekly podcast Blak List, Georgia and Rhiannon discuss blak feminism while bringing you live music from their recording studio at the University of Melbourne.

Blak List is a newly created podcast co-hosted by Georgia and Rhiannon that aims to provide a platform for Indigenous students to discuss topics that are pressing for our mob. When Blak List is not providing some kick-ass rants, the show is projecting the work of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander singers, songwriters and performers.


Georgia is a Central & Eastern Arrernte Woman studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Politics and International Studies at the University of Melbourne. 

Rhiannon is a Waradjuri & Wakaman Warrior Woman studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Indigenous Studies. 

Live Artist:

Olivia Meg is a a Central & Eastern Arrernte Woman currently pursuing her passion of singing and performing in Melbourne. She is studying at the Australian College of the Arts and is releasing her first EP later this year. You can find more on Olivia here:

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