Contributors to Songlines’ First Issue

Introducing all the students that contributed to this edition.


Kelly Kilduff is an 18 year old proud Aboriginal woman from the Gumbainggirr tribe in the Grafton area. Kelly is currently studying Aboriginal and Cultural arts at TAFE, and, in her spare time, is a gymnastics coach at Lake Macquarie pcyc.


Kiowa is a Dja Dja Wurrung woman studying a Bachelor of Arts and Science (Pure Math and Philosophy). Kiowa is currently working for CSIRO as a scientific computing officer and hoping to make the world a happier place with art and poetry.


Serena is currently in her fourth year of Creative Writing and Australian Indigenous Studies at The University of Melbourne. She is the Head Editor of the uni’s annual Indigenous publication, Under Bunjil, which is due for release in late October. In the future, Serena hopes to publish and perform more of her poetry giving voice to her experiences as an Aboriginal woman. Ultimately, she wants to work in the publishing sector, permeating the mainstream with a more accurate telling of what Australia’s past, present and future looks like – black.


Makayla is a proud Wiradjuri woman from Cootamundra. She studies psychology at ANU and has aspirations to work with Indigenous communities as a clinical psychologist following her degree. She was the 2017 ANU Indigenous Officer, the 2018 deputy Indigenous Officer and 2018 deputy Disabilities Officer, and the inaugural Australian Queer Students Network (AQSN) Indigenous Officer for 2018/19.


Ngaire is a Wiradjuri and Maori woman who is currently creating and developing her artworks and art style through personal cultural exploration and an ongoing university educational journey. Ngaire hopes to create art that brings joy to people by celebrating culture within our modern day context.

Georgia Anne:

Georgia is  a Central & Eastern Arrernte Woman, whose land covers the area in central Australia around Alice Springs (Mparntwe) & the East MacDonnell ranges. Georgia is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Politics and International Studies at the University of Melbourne

Rhiannon Williams:

Rhiannon is a Waradjuri & Wakaman Warrior Woman studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in indigenous studies at the University of Melbourne.

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