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A message from the Songlines editorial team.

We were blown away with how many inspiring and powerful submissions we received for the first edition of Songlines. From artwork to poetry to a podcast, look no further than Songlines for proof of the many different ways that our mob show strength and resilience through creativity.

Songlines is a biannual publication that aims to amplify the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students through artistic mediums. The inaugural themes of Songlines are “Because of Her, We Can” (the 2018 NAIDOC theme) and “Stronger Together”; fitting subjects to open a national publication that aims to unite our people.

Songlines is run by students, for students, and is managed by the Union of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students. UATSIS is the peak representative body for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander undergraduate students in Australia.

Every piece in the first edition of the Songlines publication screams loud and proud that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are here.

If you want to see the strength of our communities, make sure you take the time to examine all the artwork contributed by Ngaire Pakai (many of her paintings are the backbone for the graphics of this website).

Can a nation built on genocide reconcile its past? Does a “fair” go apply to those who are not? Serena investigates these ideas passionately in her poems.

Interested in checking out some writing directly in line with the 2018 NAIDOC theme? Study up on the profiles and poems written by Makayla.

Not interested in reading? No matter, Georgia and Rhiannon have you covered with a special Songlines edition of their podcast, Blak List, where they discuss how you can be a better ally to your black sisters.

Missing home? Kelly paints a beautiful picture of the trees in her home town, and Kiowa details what it is like having a home away from home at the Indigenous Centre at Monash.

All in all, the contributors of the first edition of Songlines have produced articulate and impassioned pieces that convey the experiences of our mob inside and outside University. We hope that you take the time to examine all these pieces carefully, and listen to what they have to say.

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