The Power of Black Women

A poem on how black women shape our communities.

She shimmers, light passing through her body.

A heavenly song upon old ears,

And broken bodies.

Revitalising our senses, and

Whispering words of understanding.


She is Black, powerful;

Larger than anything you’ve seen before.

She glides through the air,

Effortlessly and graceful

As though her body is made of the clouds she flies over.


But she always sails back to us,

The small and the young and the weak.

She tells us to be brave and powerful,

And sings a song older than time.


We know she is watching over us, guiding us, praying for us –

Black women never fail us.


Makayla is a proud Wiradjuri woman from Cootamundra, studying psychology at ANU.

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