Us vs Them

A glimpse into the gentle reality of white Australia and the jarring experiences of People of Colour. Does a “fair” go apply to those who are not ?

light steps, uncut feet, frolicking on
Bodies that wince against needles and punches
White lace billowing, in gentle breezes
Rags that tear wider, families falling away
Painful cries silenced by a reasonable voice and a chuckle

Laughter echoes in clean empty rooms
While babies are smothered to keep hidden
Bodies bare and unabashed by audience
Families reduced to alien status
Under a gaze that is pervasive, perverted

Think without consequence, act freely, sincere
Justify each action, life determined by law
Rebel against unfair government
Conform to survive

Serena is currently studying creative writing and indigenous studies at the University of Melbourne, where she is also the Head Editor of the uni’s annual Indigenous publication, Under Bunjil.

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