We All Need a Little Space

A note from our editors on the launch of Space

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that our concept of a ‘globalised’ world – where planes fly aplenty and passports are stamped with fervour – will be forever changed. As borders incrementally closed and as lockdowns have come and gone and come again, the space around us has diminished.

The space within which we can travel. The space within which we can exist. Suddenly everything we know has become a little too familiar, while what we do not know must be confronted and negotiated. If we must exist within this newly structured environment, how will we decorate it? How will we make a home in this unfamiliar space, or make a new one in that which no longer fits?

This edition of Et Cetera wants to shake away the stagnancy of what has been, recognising the importance of our surroundings and how it shapes who we are and how we see the world.

With the world seemingly unpaused, how do we navigate this new space we find ourselves in? Joseph Haynes debates how statue-toppling will shape the future of our history, while Sal Janks and Brighton Grace argue that a little absence can make the social and student heart grow a little fonder. But where we enter this new space, how do we bid farewell to what we thought was comfortable? Phoebe Thompson and Soo Choi consider how we come to terms with losing the spaces we knew, and the journey to find something we can claim as our own.

Take your shoes off, get comfortable, and make this space your own.

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